Real estate investment securities organization resolves data challenges using Pervasive Data Integrator

Originally published March 11, 2010

A large property management company with properties around the world, maintains investor and financial relationships to facilitate complex and challenging development projects. Their portfolio includes over 1,000 properties including skyscrapers, corporate headquarters, mixed-use centers, industrial parks, medical facilities, and master-planned resort and residential communities. As the organization prepared to move into the highly regulated Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) market, the need for accurate, reliable data for tracking, compliance and reporting purposes was a priority. Much of its REIT-related operation relies on third-party applications and data, including transfer agent transactions and reporting. Pervasive Data Integrator manages this task for the company, providing robust, bi-directional data movement between the organizationís transfer agent, on-premises accounting application, and hosted Salesforce CRM system. Besides helping meet tracking and reporting needs, Pervasive Data Integrator serves the company in other areas too.

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