White Lyophilized Powder 1mg/Vial Fst 344 Follistatin 344 for sale
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Follistatin-344 is also the perfect choice for athletes who are no 
longer able to exercise regularly, or those who have stopped 
playing sports, but want to stay though, in the form of massive 
muscle mass. It has been shown that the smaller the load on 
muscles and less physical activity, the higher the concentration 
of the subsequent Myostatin.
Peptide Follistatin-344 also has important implications for tissue 
rejuvenation. His pronounced anti-aging effect is comparable to 
that of Melatonin and other peptides, positive counteracting 
Follistatin, specifically Follistatin 344 (FS344), quickly gained 
popularity in the bodybuilding community as a potential supplement 
to rapidly increase lean tissue mass. Another protein, 
follistatin-related gene (FLRG) acts on similar pathways as FS344 
regarding its muscle building properties. Increased lean tissue 
mass could give a bodybuilder an advantage in a competitive 
setting and be the differentiating factor between first and second 
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