ICQ:748441620 Sell Cvv/DUMPS( 101 - 201 ) Track 1&2/WU Transfer/PapPal/Bank Logins High Blance
ace sellers says...

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•••••>>> EU:101 201Standart|Classic ? $85|Dumps,Tracks 1&2 with pin $150Gold|Platinum|Corporate|Signature|Business ? $90
•••••>>> ASIA/AUSTRALIA/Exotic: 101,201 OrthersStandart|Classic ? $75|Dumps,Tracks 1&2 with pin $120Gold|Platinum|Corporate|Signature|Business ? $80
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•••••>>> RULES Business Select Best Bins Your To SWIPES / ORDERS.•••>>> You Receive Asap After Payment is Made.•••>>> No time wasters & No Talk more for NOTHING.•••>>> We NEVER make Refunds - Only Replacement.•••>>> Replace card hold/stolen/decline DURING 24 HRS.•••>>> Payment Methods BTC/PM/WMZ or WU/MG Min Over 100$.
>>>••• Payment Methods •••>>>>>>>>>>>>> SELL PAYPAL VERIFIED ACCOUNT + SOCK IP
Western Union transfer (WU Transfer) ($//€)

ace sellers says...

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ICQ: 748441620G-mail: acesellers7979@gmail.comHangouts: arcesellers7979@gmail.comWhatsapp: +84935462769Telegram: acesellers7979Skype: acesellers7979________________________

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